Dec 242010

The current setup. Where did all that stuff come from anyway?

So I mentioned in the last pedalboard article that I was about to start putting together a new pedalboard setup for myself. While excited about having a sleek, new board, as any of you know who’ve done this before, it can be a daunting task. One look at my old setup and you can see why it was time for a change.

Closeup of the main board. What a mess!

One thing we found while doing the opening act thing, is that you rarely have much time to set up and soundcheck (I can hear Ray laughing now, “What soundcheck?”), and even less time to get your stuff out of their way when you’re finished with your set. When we played with Blake Shelton this summer, there was actually one show where were had the stage struck within 4 minutes of finishing our set! You can score a lot of valuable points with the headliner’s crew by doing this. As you can see, there was no way I was going to be able to move all this crap quickly.

Migration to the new board

So I’ve started the new board. After looking at virtually every pedalboard out there, I picked the PedalPad AXS-XL. I actually preferred this to their more expensive models. I’m looking for ease of use and this board really delivers. Lid off, lid on, you’re done. I’ll post a few pictures along the way and also point out a few cool parts that I’ve tracked down to make the whole thing easier. While I’m quite partial to all the pedals on my board (including the much maligned Morpheus Drop-Tune), we’ll save that discussion for another day. For now it’s all about putting together the slickest, most efficient, bulletproof pedalboard possible.

Wish me luck!

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