Feb 102011

Andy Timmons and some dorky guy (yeah, that's me!)

I was fortunate enough to meet and talk with with Andy Timmons at NAMM this year and he was a really nice guy (which is always a relief when you meet a guitarist you like, right?). Andy has been using Mesa Boogie for a long time and I found this video of him trying out the new Mesa TransAtlantic TA-30 at the show.

The TA-30 is the big brother to the very popular TA-15. Besides just being more powerful, the TA-30 adds a tube reverb and a channel-assignable/bypassable effects loop. This 4xEL84, two channel amp offers three power settings for each channel, 15/30/40 watts, to give you ultimate flexibility in balancing your sounds.

Not quite as portable as the TA-15, the 30 brings the Atlantic line out of the studio and places it squarely in a live setting. Order the combo with a lightweight neodymium 12″ speaker and you may have the most powerful, lightweight amp out there.

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